Clogs and drainage issues happen. For businesses of all sizes and sectors, the Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. stands at the ready to assist your company, institution, or organization with any and all of your drainage issues and clogs. Here’s just a quick look at the types of businesses we can assist, professional services available, and contact information.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Indianapolis

Types of Businesses We Can Help

Over the years, we’ve assisted a wide variety of Indianapolis-area businesses with all of their drainage, clog, and plumbing issues.

Specifically, we’ve helped small businesses of every kind, from restaurants and corporate offices to food-processing plants. We’ve also worked in the public sector extensively, assisting schools, hospitals, various government buildings, and other institutions.

We’re available to help private organizations and associations with all of their drainage and clog issues too.

Wide Array of Professional Services

The Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. proudly offers a wide array of professional services administered by our experienced, dedicated staff.

We pride ourselves on our expert grease trap cleaning services and also offer drain cleaning and water jetting services. We also offer a huge variety of other services, including sewer cleaning, unclogging tub drains, garbage disposal cleaning, and much more.

Contact Us Today

Be sure to contact us today at (317) 527-0051 to see how we can help your business. With our deep experience, wide variety of professional services, and unmatched dedication, we can help ensure that your company runs smoothly – no matter what your drainage or plumbing problem might be.