Nowadays, it is unusual to find a kitchen without a garbage disposal. Despite their popularity, many people simply don’t know how to properly use and care for a garbage disposal. If your commercial kitchen utilizes a garbage disposal, contact Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. to schedule a cleaning. Our services will maximize the lifespan of your unit and prevent clogs from disrupting your daily routine.

Take Care of Your Garbage Dispoal with Commercial Plumbing Services

Garbage Disposal Benefits

Garbage disposals are convenient and offer a variety of benefits. Primarily, the use of a garbage disposal reduces the amount of waste discarded into the trash. This reduces the burden placed on waste management systems and keeps food scraps out of landfills. Additionally, when used properly, garbage disposals help prevent drain clogs.

Tips for Proper Use and Care

1. Run the garbage disposal frequently.

If left unused, the blades inside your unit will begin to rust. To avoid this, run your garbage disposal at least several times per week. Even if you don’t have food scraps to send through the drain, simply turn on the cold water and allow the unit to run for a few minutes. This helps keep the blades from rusting and also dislodges residual waste.

2. Don’t run tough, fibrous, or starchy items down the drain. 

Avoid sending fats, oils, and grease down the drain. Also, your garbage disposal is not made to handle bones, seafood shells, fruit pits, fibrous vegetables, potato skins, nuts, non-food items, or coffee grounds.

3. Clean your garbage disposal every two weeks.

Regular cleaning helps keep your unit free of clogs and running efficiently. To clean it, simply fill the drain with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt. This process scrapes away any sludge hiding inside your unit and sharpens the blades. If you notice a foul odor coming from your disposal, run some lemon wedges through the disposal with hot water. The wedges have an antibacterial effect which helps eliminate the source of the smell.

Schedule Commercial Plumbing Service

Even with routine cleaning, your garbage disposal will benefit from professional care several times per year. Our water jets are highly effective at scouring drains and garbage disposals to eliminate hidden buildup and prevent clogs. Additionally, we offer routine and emergency drain cleaning and grease trap pumping services to clients throughout Indiana. To request service for your commercial kitchen, contact Commercial Grease Corp. today at (317) 269-0000.