When you’re in the middle of the dinner rush hour, your restaurant doesn’t have time for a clogged grease trap. Keep customers happy by taking advantage of the services offered by Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. in Indianapolis, Indiana. Request service by calling (317) 269-0000 today.

At Commercial Grease Corp. we know that emergencies happen and traps clog up. If that’s the situation you unfortunately find yourself in, call us and we’ll be out with our grease trap pumping equipment. In many cases we can have you back up to speed in less than one hour, but it just depends on the conditions we encounter. Our powerful water jetting service often makes quick work of the clog. Either way, we’ll do our best to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Grease Trap Pumping & Disposal

What’s even better is that our grease trap service also includes cleaning up anything that may have spilled and then hauling away the whole mess. Safety is of utmost importance to you and your employees, and to us too. We know you have more important things to do than spend hours at a time trying to make the cook station and kitchen presentable, functional, and safe.

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Kitchen Grease Trap Pumping Indianapolis

So, whether you want to find out more about us, schedule regular maintenance, or you need emergency grease trap cleaning, request service by calling Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. in Indianapolis at (317) 269-0000.