Do you manage a commercial kitchen in Indiana? If so, you know the importance of keeping the grease traps clean and well-maintained. At Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp., we have the tools and expertise needed to make sure you stay in business and in compliance with Indiana state laws and regulations. Request your service today, or learn more about us by calling (317) 269-0000.

Avoid grease buildup in your restaurant, school, or other institution with our grease trap cleaning services. Operating since 1991, our years of experience and powerful tools allow us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Keeping the grease trap free of sludge and other buildup is crucial to the rest of the kitchen plumbing functioning well. If you want to avoid drains that back up into the sink and the nightmare of having to close your doors to make repairs, take advantage of our regular maintenance program. We are proud to offer commercial plumbing services that are indispensable to Indiana commercial kitchen owners.

Grease Trap Cleaning Indiana

Water Jets Pack a Powerful Punch

When it comes to difficult or stubborn clogs, you can’t beat a water jet. Hydro jet drain cleaning can usually clear even the most difficult clogs. Our high-pressure water jet contains forward jets to penetrate the clog and rear jets to clean the walls of the pipes.

When we attach a wand to the hydro jet, we can use if for several other services such as cleaning the grease trap and taking care of parking lot messes. We frequently work throughout Indiana and have clients in many cities including Muncie, Lafayette, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, and more.

So whether an emergency has hit or you simply want to be added to our maintenance program, request grease trap cleaning service in Indiana by calling Commercial Grease Corp. at (317) 269-000. We leave no grease behind.