With over 50 years of experience, Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. has seen just about every problem restaurants, schools, and other institutional kitchens can have. And we have the tools to deal with them. Request service to have your grease trap pumped out or your drain cleaned anywhere in Indiana by calling (317) 269-0000.

Often times, desperate situations can be avoided simply by starting a maintenance schedule. Set up a reoccurring date to have the grease trap pumped out regularly or the drain cleaned by our service technicians. Regardless, you can be confident that in those times when an emergency does occur, we will put you on our priority list. Our drain cleaning machine or hydro jet will work its magic to keep your operation up and running.

At Commercial Grease Corp., you can be sure we’ll “leave no grease behind.” Request grease trap or drain cleaning service by calling (317) 269-0000 today.