Statewide Indiana Grease Trap and Drain Cleaning

When operating a commercial kitchen or food processing plant, there’s no time for clogged drains and plugged grease traps. Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. can help keep your pipes running smoothly with our services, allowing your business to do the same. When you’re tempted to call a plumber, call us instead! To learn more about our business or request service in Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana, call our grease trap cleaning professionals at (317) 269-0000.

Regardless of your commercial kitchen type, we can help. We have worked in restaurants, schools, hospitals, food processing plants, and other institutions all over Indiana.

Experience Makes the Difference

At Commercial Grease Corp., our years of experience make us trusted experts in the field and one of the top commercial plumbing companies in the area. In business since 1991, our reputation precedes us for all the right reasons with the city inspectors and customers in Muncie, Lafayette, Indianapolis, and throughout Indiana. We know about the laws and regulations and how to stay on the right, no-fine side of them. We’ve also developed our own environmentally friendly system for processing grease and disposing of non-recyclable refuse via proper permits and licensed industrial wastewater treatment operators.

For the best in grease trap and drain cleaning, you can count on Commercial Grease Corp. Request service by calling (317) 269-0000. We’ll leave no grease behind.

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