Whether you are running a school, hospital, or restaurant, regular grease trap cleaning is a must. A good rule of thumb is to have your grease traps cleaned every three months. Waiting too long to clean the grease traps can create unpleasant issues, causing service delays. With service delays come unexpected costs, and in extreme cases, loss of business. Keep reading to learn three reasons why we recommend regular grease trap cleaning from the experts at Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp.

Regular Grease Trap Cleaning is a Must

1. Save Money in the Long Run

One of the biggest reasons to schedule a routine grease trap cleaning is that it saves money in the long run. By not cleaning your grease traps regularly, grease can build up, requiring more extensive and, therefore, more expensive cleaning. However, by proactively scheduling your cleanings, your company can plan for the costs, working them into your budget.

2. Keep Disruptions to a Minimum

At Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp., we can work with your schedule by arranging cleaning ahead of time. This flexibility will ensure you stay open and operate during peak hours without any disruption.  When traps and drains have been routinely maintained, service can occur in as little as an hour. In addition, our experts are very knowledgeable of all Indiana laws and regulations, and we ensure compliance standards are met.

3. Maintain a Sanitary and Clean Environment 

Failure to clean grease traps can cause unappealing odors, creating a negative experience for customers and clients. By scheduling regular cleanings, these smells can be avoided or significantly minimized. In addition to ensuring your work environment is up to standard, we will ensure all materials are safely disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Routine grease trap cleaning with Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. will ensure your organization, school, hospital, or restaurant will continue operating at full capacity. Request service today or call us at (317) 269-0000. We serve Indianapolis, Muncie, and Lafayette, IN.