Running a business requires the management of a million different things. One of the less thought about, but arguably the most important, is plumbing. If you have a kitchen or public bathroom, your plumbing is imperative. Clogs, leaks, or smells can ruin your visitors’ experience and potentially cost you even more money. From the team at Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp., here are five commercial plumbing issues.

5 Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

No Hot Water

Is all of the water in your business suddenly running cold? That can be quite an annoyance. Generally, the issue is going to be your hot water heater. For this type of issue, it’s probably best to call a professional to inspect your unit.

Clogged Drain

Often the most common plumbing issue, especially in heavily used kitchens, is the clogged drain. A slow drain might not seem like a big issue, but if left unattended for long enough it can lead to burst pipes or flooding. The moment you see your drain slow down, check for blockage. If you are unable to remove the blockage yourself, schedule a drain cleaning.

Clogged Toilet

If you have a public restroom with high foot traffic, there’s a good chance you’ll run into a clogged toilet. Again, the best way to avoid a clogged toilet is to regularly check and clean your restrooms. Caught soon enough, most clogged toilets can easily be fixed with a simple plunger.

Sewage Smell

If you start to smell sewage, that can be a sign of a serious issue. Start by thoroughly cleaning everything. If the smell still lingers, you may have a sewer blockage. If that’s the case, have a professional perform a sewer camera inspection.

Leaking Faucet

Much like a slow drain, a dripping faucet may seem like no big deal, but if left unchecked can lead to expensive repairs. Not only will your water bill increase pretty dramatically, but the drip can also be a sign of a bigger issue hidden somewhere else in your plumbing system.

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