If you operate a commercial kitchen in Indianapolis, understanding the ins and outs of your garbage disposal is a basic necessity for a functioning kitchen. At Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp., we offer expert commercial plumbing services to Indianapolis area commercial kitchens. We’re also here to offer advice on how to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your disposal unit. So, here’s a trusty guide to the ins and outs of garbage disposal care.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp Indianapolis Garbage Disposal Care

Knowing Your Disposal: Do’s and Don’ts

Good garbage disposal practices protect your equipment and help safeguard your plumbing. Being mindful of how you use your disposal can prevent troublesome and often costly issues down the line, so your kitchen runs smoother for longer.

The Do’s

Disposal care can be simple and straightforward:

  1. Run Cold Water: It’s helpful to run cold water before, during, and after disposal use. It prevents overheating and keeps grease in a more solid state for easier disposal.
  2. Feed It Slowly: Treat your disposal like a fine meal. Take your time disposing of food items. Feeding waste gradually prevents jams and extends the life of your motor.
  3. Remove Large Pieces: Chunky materials can cause clogs, so it’s best to reduce the size of your food waste before it greets the grinder.

The Don’ts

Steering clear of these pitfalls can save you from a disposal disaster:

  1. Avoid Non-Food Items: It seems obvious, but only biodegradable items should go down the drain. Non-food items can wreak havoc on the blades.
  2. Cut Out Fats and Oils: These are the arch-nemeses of proper drainage. Over time, they can coat and clog, leading to service disruption.
  3. No Fibrous Materials: Vegetable Fibers can entangle the blades, leading to wear and tear and reducing efficiency. Try to keep these items out of the disposal.

Cleaning Tips for Conservation

Keeping your disposal clean is just as important as using it correctly. Regular cleaning keeps it working and removes unpleasant smells that could turn away customers.

Routine Cleaning

  1. Daily Flushing: A simple but effective practice; let that cold water run for a while after using your disposal to ensure the system is clear.
  2. Bi-Weekly Deep Clean: Twice a month, show your disposal some love with a more thorough cleaning using safe, non-corrosive agents like baking soda and vinegar.

Dealing With Odors

  1. Citrus Solution: A touch of citrus can work wonders for freshness. Occasional lemon or orange peel grinding will leave a pleasant aroma and help clean the blades.
  2. Ice Cube Technique: Dropping in a few ice cubes is an excellent way to knock off any food buildup and can help keep the blades sharp, which is essential for a well-functioning disposal.

If you keep these recommendations in mind, your disposal should run smoothly. But when you need professional help, Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp. is here. Along with garbage disposal cleaning, we perform regular grease trap cleaning, water jetting, drain cleaning, and more for kitchens in Indianapolis, Muncie, Lafayette, Avon, Bloomington, and beyond. If you need garbage disposal care for your Indianapolis area commercial kitchen, contact us at (317) 269-0000 or request service online. We’ll be there to help your kitchen continue to flow as smoothly as possible.