Plumbing problems are always stressful and frustrating for business owners in the Indianapolis area. However, the problem is typically made worse by the inconvenience it causes. Restaurants with clogged drains may have to shut down for hours at a time, and businesses end up losing money waiting for a plumber to solve their problem. That’s why at Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Corp., we believe it is best to be prepared and invest in regular preventative maintenance with our team.

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Perhaps the best benefit associated with preventative maintenance is the peace of mind it offers business owners. Because the best way to ensure the plumbing is running efficiently is with regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about a drain clog sneaking up on you in the middle of a busy day. Grease traps are there to intercept grease and food particles before they have a chance to cool in the pipes and cause a clog. However, without frequent cleaning, the grease can leak into drains, cause a clog, and turn into a much bigger problem. With regular grease trap cleaning, you’ll have peace of mind knowing this problem isn’t likely to happen in your kitchen.

Save Money

As we mentioned above, clogged drains can quickly lead to larger, more expensive problems. In fact, if enough grease leaks out of the trap, it can affect the local water system, and cause the sewers to overflow. This can result in costly fines for your business, as well as the expense of cleanup and repairs to the system. So while it’s true you’ll need to pay for regular maintenance, you will likely save money in the long run, as you won’t have to deal with expensive repairs or fines.

Obey the Law

Finally, keeping your grease trap clean is not only beneficial for your business, it’s actually the law. At Commercial Grease Corp., we’re familiar with Indiana state laws and regulations for grease trap maintenance and waste removal. When you hire us for regular maintenance, we’ll make sure your business is in compliance with the law, and help you avoid any fines associated with these laws.

Avoid a plumbing emergency by starting a maintenance schedule with the service technicians at Commercial Grease Corp. Our drain cleaning machine, or hydro jet, will work its magic to keep your operation up and running. Contact us in Indianapolis today at (317) 269-0000.